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Discover all the ways Cal-Med
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Cal-Med’s Practice Expert is exceptionally functional
and customizable. It allows you to work the way you find most efficient, saving you time and streamlining your day.

Cal-Med’s Practice Expert
is fully designed with you in mind.

With customizable features developed in direct response to user requests, Practice Expert has been designed for your convenience by our physician and administrative users.


Cal-Med's Practice Expert Features

Practice-at-a-glance dashboard

Your dashboard shows your day at a glance: patients waiting for appointments, messages, open charts, and orders to review—all on one screen and clickable so you can get more detail as you need it.

Practice Management System & EMR all in one

Cal-Med's Practice Expert is a fully functional Practice Management and EMR all in one, no need for double entry.

Affordable--yet with full functionality

Cal-Med's Practice Expert is more affordable than nearly any practice management and EMR system on the market. And yet you'll find it has the functionality and flexibility you want.

"Cal-Med's Practice Expert is the best PM/EMR software I have ever used. Our office
is now 100% digital and much easier to manage."

Dr. Jane Shoemaker
Internal Medicine
Children's Hospital
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